The KingSnakes, an international concert and dance ensemble since the late 70's, has been in the
business of delivering tight, funky, dance music to audiences around the world.  They have been
credited as being one of the top R & B and dance bands in the southern USA, England, Japan,
Russia, and many countires around the world. As one of the bands representing the USA on the
NATO Goodwill Tour into Russia, shortly after the re-establishment of Russia (after the Berlin wall
fell), the KingSnakes remained in Europe and toured for over ten years.  3 top hits and 6 albums
later, the KingSnakes returned home to the USA.

Paul Krawl, guitarist, vocalist, and writer for the KingSnakes, started out playing all up and down
the California coastal communities at fifteen with the Hollywood Heaters... sharing the stage with
the likes of Country Joe and the Fish, Janis Joplin and the Holding Company, Wet Willie, Sons of
Champlin, Uriah Heep, and many other acts about to catch the national scene at that time... After
being signed on a recording contract with ATCO records, his agency renamed the band the
KingSnakes. and sent them on a cross country tour to cover the new album.  The KingSnakes
have kept busy and still tour.  Signed with EMI, a new album is in the making, titled "Woman
Troubles", featuring Chicago mainstream artist Nigel Mack...